From the Author

Who really puts God and what He wants first in their lives anymore? Who really knows who God is, what He wants, and where He wants us? What does God want people to know? Most people will not pray one million prayers in their lifetime. Here is your chance to experience something wonderful through my merited enlightenment. I can answer many questions people are dying to know such as what lies ahead for them. No one can understand God fully. This book serves as a portal for people to seize a glimpse of God's greatness.



The Enlightenment, What God Told Me after One Million Prayers, A Message for Everyone.

Book: John H. Eagan Experience this fascinating account of one man's encounter with The Almighty One. What he saw and what he was told during his enlightenment will bring you closer to God than you could ever imagine. Through this one man's encounter you will get a real sense of who The Almighty One is and where he wants you to be right now. This book will help you learn your true purpose and what direction you must take to fulfill your destiny. With all the discoveries today in technology, no one takes time to discover themselves. In our fast paced society people are losing their direction quickly. Who really puts God and what He wants first in their lives today. Who really knows what God wants and where He wants them. The stresses of everyday life leaves us exhausted with no psychic energy left to find our true purpose. We all know that something is missing in our lives - that there is a hunger that must be satisfied. This book will lead you to that satisfaction you have been longing for. Now is the time to put down your old world and start anew. This down to earth book speaks to you with crystal clarity about what you always felt was missing in your life.