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Experience this fascinating account of one manís encounter with The Almighty One.  What he saw and what he was told during his enlightenment will bring you closer to God than you could ever imagine.  Through this one manís encounter you will get a real sense of who The Almighty One is and where he wants you to be right now.  This book will help you learn your true purpose and what direction you must take to fulfill your destiny.  Here is just a glimpse into what this book contains:






Chapter 1 invites you to explore the self.  Knowing thyself means knowing the truth about you.  Itís only by knowing thyself that one can live a true and moral life.  To truly know thyself one must look deep to determine if he is making excuses for his actions and rationalizing why he lives the way he does.  You are what you do!  Look at what you do.  Analyze what you do.  Then analyze what you believe about yourself.  You may very well find an entirely different person.  

Chapter 1 also invites you to understand your relationship with the material world.  Is it stronger than your relationship with God?  Where will materialism take you?  Chapter 1 opens up an understanding of who God is.  What does He want of you?  Where does He want you right now?  What is Godís plan for you?  Find out how to correct your lifeís course and get back on track with God. 

O  Time is of the essence.
O  Why are we receiving all the wrong messages in the material world?
O  We are living in a world where the idea of sin has been taken out of the equation.
O  Everyone was put here to achieve greatness.
O  Start thinking on a higher plane.
O  We use the gift but forget the giver.
O  Learn to live a fearless life.



Chapter 2 welcomes you into the realm of an actual enlightenment.  Come to know the author personally as he takes you from Brooklyn, New York as one of six siblings and the son of a truck driver, to an adult devoted to prayer.  After praying more than one million prayers for fifteen consecutive years, John H. Eagan asks God one simple question, ďExactly who is this One that Iíve said all these prayers to?Ē  What he experienced next will astonish you beyond your imagination.  He delivers a message of love and hope that will bring tears to your eyes.  The reader will come away with an understanding of God and an understanding of their destiny that will truly amaze them.  We will say no more about The Enlightenment and let you experience it firsthand. 

O  People who have read this enlightenment in its entirety claim that they know God better now through Johnís enlightenment than they ever have before in their life.  They also claim that for the first time they know what their soul is and how wonderfully it was created.



If you could completely start a brand new slate for your life, one that would take you directly to The Almighty One, who would you pick to take you on a direct journey?  Who would be the one good in the world that you would look to?  Whose teachings were so pure and simple that they could put you on the direct road to salvation?  Whose teachings rang true to people thousands of years ago, ring true today, and will ring true until the end of time?  Who has the most perfect answer to any one of your questions?  Who could you blindly follow without fear?  Who would you entrust your sons and daughters to?  Whose words were spoken directly to you?  Whose words have perfect discernment?  Who can you follow with total confidence?  Who can you trust your innocence to? 

Submerge yourself in Jesusí parables and find out their hidden meanings.  Come away with a deeper understanding of Jesusí teachings.   

O  If Jesus is the ďnarrow door,Ē then the scriptures are the key.
O  Find out why people are hesitant to follow Jesus.
O  Look at how Jesus taught.
O  Do you know Jesus?
O  Understand Jesus through scripture.
O  Explore Jesusí ministry.



Visit Jesusí passion from a new perspective.  First off, see Jesusí passion through Jesusí own eyes.  Walk with Jesus during His passion and experience exactly what He felt.  Through todayís science you can experience every agonizing detail of Jesusí suffering during His passion and the actual agony of a crucifixion.  See Jesusí crucifixion through the eyes of a Roman centurion soldier who has crucified thousands of victims in his career, and yet after crucifying Jesus became totally converted. Find out how this godless man became converted by the actions of Jesus. 

O  The authorís degree in history gives one a new insight into the Roman soldierís point of view on crucifixion. 
O  From the Garden of Gethsemane to Golgotha (or The Place of the Skull), witness Jesusí passion in a truly new light.



This chapter invites you to reinforce your belief in the Divine Jesus. 


There are many witnesses for Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  One of the first spiritual witnesses is Joseph, when an angel appeared to him in a dream a few months after Jesusí conception, Matthew 1:20,

 20But when he had considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. 

            Another spiritual witness of Jesus occurred at His baptism, not only by the Holy Spirit but by God Himself, Matthew 3:16-17,

 16After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him,

 17and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased."

            Right after Jesusí baptism He was lead into the desert by The Spirit, Luke 4:1,

 1Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led around by the Spirit in the wilderness

            There was also a witness to the ministry of Jesus written in the book of the prophet Isaiah, Luke 4:18-19,



            Jesus Himself claimed the Holy Spirit would come to testify about Him in John 15:26-27Ö 


            One must come to Jesus, like in any relationship, with an open heart.  Read His teachings in the Bible and follow His life.  Soon a great love will develop.  You canít stand miles away with a hardened heart and expect this relationship to develop.  As I stated earlier, Jesus knows how a relationship works.  You have to take that first step just as you must in any relationship, if you want to experience this love.  No one can do it for you.  If you do, you will find a love thatís been patiently waiting for you your whole life.  And just like genuine love, you will know it is happening to you.  You will find that you are in a relationship that will rock your world in ways you never imagined.  Start by thinking about Jesus, reading His scriptures, and looking at His life.  Say His Our Father from Luke 11:2-4.



Human beings, as far back as history can tell, have always believed in an afterlife.  Mankind always believed there was a special place evil people were sent to after they died.  This special place exists specifically for them to pay for all their evil doing.  Every major religion, whether it is creator based or otherwise, shares a common belief that people are punished for their evil doing.   

You are invited, in this chapter, to take a journey, step by step, into the abyss.  A horrific journey that will be taken by many unfortunate reprobates.  Experience the horror of living without God in your life and the path it will lead you to eventually.  This chapter allows you to visualize the actual pains of hell.  Many people would like to believe that hell does not exist.  Others would like to ignore the facts because itís just so distressful to think about it.  Knowing of its existence and its eternal consequences may be the best thing that ever happened to you.



Here you will learn that there is a way back into the graces of The Almighty One.  Here you will learn the power of prayer.  Here you will learn of the many beautiful prayers one can say and the wonderful promises that go along with each devotion.



Here the author interview priests, religious sisters, bishops, deacons and other religious, and asked them to describe exactly what touched their heart about Jesus.  A truly touching end to a beautiful book.  LOOK  INSIDE

With all the discoveries today in technology, no one takes time to discover themselves.  In our fast paced society people are losing their direction quickly. Who really puts God and what He wants first in their lives today?  Who really knows what God wants and where He wants them?  The stresses of everyday life leaves us exhausted with no psychic energy left to find our true purpose.  We all know that something is missing in our lives Ė that there is a hunger that must be satisfied.  This book will lead you to that satisfaction you have been longing for. Now is the time to put down your old world and start anew.  This down to earth book speaks to you with crystal clarity about what you always felt was missing in your life. 
            This book contains the supernatural enlightenments John H. Eagan received in his life.  It will also give the reader a chance to come to know Jesus more fully.

Everyone is hungering for a taste of the supernatural - a sign, if you will, from beyond. Let author John H. Eagan captivate and satisfy your yearning for the mystical with the supernatural experience he had after 15 years of incessant prayer. Allow yourself to take this inspiring journey with author John H. Eagan into a world you desperately want to understand. The illumination John experienced is something that can be understood by all and should be shared with all. He describes a great message of love and hope for all through his enlightenment that could only have come directly from the Almighty One Himself.  The truth of his illumination resonates through the words and descriptions of the authorís experience. Once one becomes submerged in his writings they begin to see that it could only have come from the providence of God Himself.  The authenticity is felt through the words of the enlightenment.  You yourself will love the truth of his words.  What does God want His people to know? Most people will not pray one million prayers in their lifetime. Here is your chance to experience something wonderful through Johnís merited enlightenment.  John can answer many questions people are dying to know such as what lies ahead for them. No one can understand God fully. This book serves as a portal for people to seize a glimpse of Godís greatness.  LOOK  INSIDE


SUZY M. - New Jersey:  I was in tears by page 12 after reading those two beautiful stories in the first chapter.  I can't tell you how wonderful this book made me feel.

LINDA B. - Arizona:  I feel like I have a better concept of God and who He is.  When I used to say a prayer that started with "Eternal Father," I had no understanding of the depth of what I was saying until I read this book. 

5.0 out of 5 stars This amazing book is a `must read' for Both Skeptics and Believers! , January 29, 2009
By  Johnny&Lisa "goodstuff234"
I have read many spiritual books in my time but nothing prepared me for what is written on the pages of this book. This extraordinary story of "The Enlightenment" was told so well that I felt as if God actually manifested his presence to me. When the author brings you into his actual "Enlightenment" you feel that this must truly be the Providence of God. What God tells him makes such beautiful sense it brings tears to your eyes. You begin to sense this Great love God has for us in a way you never thought of previously. You begin to understand concepts of the after-life that seemed unfathomable before. The reader actually becomes enlightened through the author's illumination. I can truly say that I have been searching for this book my whole life. You won't find anything like this anywhere. As you read on you will be totally blown away regarding the way the author describes Jesus' Passion. He incorporates today's science to describe the pains Jesus felt in a way that will make you appreciate Jesus even more. Then you're blown away again by the author's depiction of Hell or what he calls your journey into "The Abyss." He takes you on a journey into "The Abyss" in such a clever way it just seems real. This book will hold you, surround you, and fascinate you. You'll absolutely devour it! I experienced profound changes while reading this book. I can honestly say that I will be forever changed by it. I cannot recommend it enough. If you buy only one book this year, make it this one!


5.0 out of 5 stars It completely turned my life around, February 3, 2009
By  Steve -
I am an avid reader of spiritual books. I probably have read everything from The Secret to A New Earth. Believe me there are many books out there from authors who claim they have spoken to God but when you start reading them, you right away get a gut feeling that they are full of it. For example they tell you that God told them there are no ten commandments, that there is no hell, and it is not sinful for unmarried people to live together. The authors are simply telling you everything you want to hear. This book is different. When you read this book, you get a true sense that Eagan really was enlightened by God. Everything God told him makes perfect sense. The enlightenment that Eagan received is so profound that it actually answered unfathomable questions.
I heard about this book from a friend of mine who was struggling with his faith and claimed this book saved his life. I was so impressed with John Eagan's enlightenment. I really felt that God did talk to him, the way he described it was nothing like I had ever read before. Once you're finished with that the book goes on to describe Jesus' parables in a way I'd never thought of and Jesus' passion is described in such a manner that you appreciate what Jesus has done. From there the book goes on to describe your journey into the abyss with a new and different approach - you have to read it to understand. It also gave me an appreciation for what happens to people who don't develop themselves spiritually. I highly recommend this book, it rocked my world and I know it will rock yours.



5.0 out of 5 stars I was enlightened after I read this book., January 27, 2009
By  Sue "Sue"
The author, John Eagan, takes you on a fascinating journey of prayer, and after praying over one million prayers, he asks God one simple question, "Exactly who is this One that I've said all these prayers to?" The answer he gets from God will completely turn your life around. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I understand the great depth of God, the great love of God, and the great peace of God. God explains much to this author and he puts it down in this book in a way that I could not do here. The only way that I could explain it is by writing in this review the exact words that are in the book and I'm not going to do that. It is something you must read for yourself. When the author explains what one will do in heaven for all eternity, a "light" goes off in your head and you think, "of course, it's the only perfect way one would spend eternity." It just makes perfect sense. While you are reading the actual enlightenment, you feel like these words could only come from "The providence of God Himself." Deep down you know it just couldn't have come from a human source. I believe I now know what I must do for my own salvation.

There is so much more in this book including Jesus' teachings, His passion, and His resurrection. I now understand the passion of Jesus much better because of this book. I was captivated by John's description of one's journey into the abyss. This book is a message of love, a great understanding of Jesus, and a plea for people to join the world in prayer.

This is truly an inspirational book. If you want to do something wonderful for yourself, then read this book.


5.0 out of 5 stars BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, December 16, 2008
By  Joan
I started weeping from page 12 until I finished the book. The stories of this author's life and his experience with God are so compelling I just could not stop crying. I wept the whole time I read the actual `enlightenment' John experienced from God. I wept at the description John gives of this Great love that God has for us. I wept at the description John gives of the great mercy of Gods' love. I wept at knowing for the first time who and what God is. It is amazing how this experience of the `enlightenment' unfolded, how God talked to John and how God explained eternity. It was the most moving experience I ever had from a book and I've probably read almost all the books on religion and spirituality.
The book doesn't stop there. It goes on to explain about Jesus in a way I never thought of before. Each chapter unfolds a new idea about Jesus' teachings and His Passion. If you did not appreciate what Jesus did for you during his Passion, you will now. Toward the end of the book John takes you on a journey into what he calls `The Abyss.' He takes you step by step from here to eternal banishment. John calls for a world to pray and gives many different prayers and all the benefits for each devotion. If you really are looking for something great in your life, buy this book!


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